New York Integrated Domestic Violence Case Lawyer

Integrated Domestic Violence (“IDV”) Courts serve families by allowing a single judge to hear multiple case types – criminal, family and matrimonial – which relate to one family where the underlying issue is domestic violence.

Dedicated to the “one family – one judge” model, IDV Courts respond to a historic problem in the court system, which requires domestic violence victims and their families to appear in different courts before multiple judges, often located in different parts of a county, to address their legal issues. By connecting one judge with one family, IDV Courts aim to provide more informed judicial decision-making and greater consistency in court orders, while reducing the number of court appearances.

These courts are designed to offer enhanced services to victims and help to ensure offender accountability.

While well-intentioned, IDV Courts by their very design may serve as a sword, instead of a shield, for those engaged in divorce proceedings and the Courts efforts and desire to serve those who are truly victims may be to the detriment of the individual who is charged improperly with Domestic Violence Offenses.

As of 2009, IDV Courts have handled over 77,162 cases and served over 14,843 families.

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