Areas of Practice

New York DWI, DUI, and Traffic Violations Defense Lawyer

The more serious offenses, such as DWI, Reckless Driving and Aggravated Unlicensed Operation are actually Misdemeanor (Criminal) Offenses and can carry serious consequences, including incarceration, probation, license suspension or revocation. With certain pre-conditions these offenses can also be charged as Felony Offenses with the potential of substantial terms of incarceration and/or probation.

New York Felony Defense Lawyer

Drug Related Felonies have their own sentencing guidelines and the potential for diversion to certain programs which may aid the offender in addressing problems and avoiding long term incarceration where certain conditions are met.

New York Integrated Domestic Violence Case Lawyer

Integrated Domestic Violence ("IDV") Courts serve families by allowing a single judge to hear multiple case types - criminal, family and matrimonial - which relate to one family where the underlying issue is domestic violence.

New York Misdemeanor Defense Lawyer

Misdemeanor Crimes and Violation Offenses are most often handled in the local District Courts (such as the one in Central Islip for Suffolk County or Hempstead for Nassau County) but may also be heard in the local Village or Justice Courts under certain circumstances.

New York Superindendent Hearings Lawyer

Juvenile Offenses relate to "criminal acts" committed by individuals under the age of 16. These offenses are usually handled in the Family Court and follow rules and guidelines different from those in the Criminal Court (District and County Court).